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Meet Thom

About Me:

I work as a teacher, speaker, writer, and user-advocate. I work through Info.Design, an Information Architecture consultancy.


As a teacher, I enable students to structure information so people can find it, use it, and appreciate the experience. I'm an “old timer.” I am among the first practitioners to offer coursework in the field of information architecture (1998) and have since enrolled thousands of people in the possibilities inherent in user-based structures.


As a speaker and lecturer, I present strategies for decreasing frustration in Web users and increasing efficiency in organizations. I’ve developed three instructional texts for helping people structure information with the user in mind.


As a consultant, I create the context for change in complex organizations. I explain fundamentals of information structure/user experience and provide diagnostic tools for learning more about the users' experience. As a user-advocate, I instigate “viral movement of user-focused ideas” from the very few, to entire organizations enabling them to think and act differently about structure and process.


I often work as an “organizational coach.” I support executives in understanding user-based theory and enable teams to build user-focused content and structure. We learn a lot and we get things done.

Contact me: thom@thomhaller.com

My Vision:

I believe we all hold the capacity for making the world a better place. This place begins with respecting others -- especially in a business setting. I believe we can build all our workplace documents in a way that appreciates the reader.

How can we help others?

I work as a “user advocate.” I know what it’s like to get lost in information and know strategies for improving the quality of print and electronic documents. I believe we can act on our opportunity to make the complex clear.

Businesses succeed when they craft information people can use. People succeed when they can use clear information and get their jobs done. My work - listening, directing, guiding, nurturing, enrolling - depends on a belief in human possibilities. My strategy is to align myself with my vision -- enabling possibilities for individuals, organizations, and the world we affect.

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