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Learning Information Structure: Workbooks

In addition to Presentations and Workshops, Thom has developed three training manuals to complement his presentations and to assist you in taking what you learn back to your workplace.

  • Writing for the Web
    Designed for the content writer and editor, provides instruction on how to visually structure information and help users see connections.
  • Information Architecture for the Web
    Designed for individuals who make decisions on designing large scale web sites. Explores why structure matters.
  • Structure: Information Design for Print and Web
    Designed around the framework of helping users GAIN, and offers a structure for crafting products that meet the userís needs.

Each manual is available to seminar/workshop participants at 25% off. Further details available.

“Learning Information Structure“, additional resources:

About Thom’s Workshops

All of Thom’s seminars and workshops can be adapted and modified for individuals and small groups. Also, workshops can be presented in half day or full day format.

Perhaps your company isn’t large enough to support a workshop and you’d like to team with another small firm. Or you might be an independent consultant looking to increase the breadth and depth of your services. Whatever your situation, let Thom know what you need, and he will be happy to work with you to shape the content and time structure to suit your audience and goals.

Thom provides training via Info.Design, Inc.

Learn more about Thom's experience; his approach to training; class duration, size, and cost; and training materials and possible course structures.

Read students’ comments about how they have benefited from Information Architecture Seminars.

Contact Thom to build a class that meets your specific needs.

Learning More

For more information, contact us at 202.328.8466 or send Thom an email at thom@thomhaller.com

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