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About Thom’s Workshops

All of Thom’s seminars and workshops can be adapted and modified for individuals and small groups. Also, workshops can be presented in half day or full day format.

Perhaps your company isn’t large enough to support a workshop and you’d like to team with another small firm. Or you might be an independent consultant looking to increase the breadth and depth of your services. Whatever your situation, let Thom know what you need, and he will be happy to work with you to shape the content and time structure to suit your audience and goals.

Thom provides training via Info.Design, Inc.

Learn more about Thom's experience; his approach to training; class duration, size, and cost; and training materials and possible course structures.

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For more information, contact us at 202.328.8466 or send Thom an email at thom@thomhaller.com

Helping Users GAIN

What happens in users’ heads when they process online (or print) information? How can we structure information so people can find what they want, use it, and appreciate the experience. How can we share our knowledge with others?

In a dynamic, exploratory, and fun-filled presentation, you’ll have the chance to step inside the human experience and discover how people think graphically (relying on patterns, thinking actively, facing limitations), how the desire for action affects human thinking and decision making, how humans look for interconnections in data (reviewing structures human beings expect) and how they rely on navigational cues (and what this means as we craft products for understanding and use.)

In this session, you will have the opportunity to synthesize research so you can articulate to your colleagues why structure matters. In the process, you may rediscover the value you create in your work and the possibilities that await you.

Improving User Performance by Incorporationg User-Focused Process

User-focused process can guide us as we craft communication products. But how do we synthesize the literature of the field so that we can explain to our bosses and colleagues how our work supports improvements in user and organizational performance?

In this fast-paced, interactive session, you’ll have the opportunity to look at the product development through the lens of GECKO - Gathering, Evaluating, Chunking, Knowing, and Optimizing. You’ll discover tips and tricks for planning your project, managing political conflicts, focusing your content, selecting and grouping content, testing and listening to users, and structuring your content for optimal effectiveness.

The presentation will give you an opportunity to reflect on the context in which you do your work and the process you follow. You may find that by “talking GECKO” you can remind yourself and others of opportunities for overcoming barriers and structures to support your actions.

Crafting Usable Content

How can we synthesize our user-focus with complementary structures for crafting content that supports others? In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to look at product development through different lenses as Thom helps participants develop strategies for thinking like the user and then delving into the structure and content in communication products. Specifically, we will look at strategies for crafting content so it is user-focused, clutter-free, clear, concise, and helpful. We will also look at ways narrative strategies support users and follow a structure for focusing our narrative writing.

Structuring Stories for Organizational Benefits

Increasingly, our organizational brand is conveyed by the stories we tell. Are you familiar with story structure and how you can use it in your organization? In this workshop, Thom will introduce story elements “character,” “action,” “location” “time” “emotion” and “detail.” Participants will rework organizational or personal narratives so they are succinct, understandable, and effective.

Want Personal Enrichment? Consider a Life-stories Workshop
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