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I love teaching. I love the possibility, the learning, and the opportunities.

I've spent the past 20 years developing training materials to support adult learners, and teaching adults about strategies for structuring information. For 10 years, I've brought my professional-world teaching to university juniors and seniors, who are just discovering the differences between academic and professional writing.

Learning and Coaching

As a teacher, I get to learn. And I love to learn! Not only do I get to explore subject matter, but I also get to travel through students' stories and learn through their perspectives.

As a teacher--especially as a writing teacher--I also get to coach.

I work with writers, to help them overcome obstacles and difficulties. I help them combat their "personal editors" (like the 8th grade English teachers who live inside their heads and scream, "Now don't you dare go putting down one more sentence until you go back and change that split infinitive!"). "Tell 'em to come back later," I advise my students. "Tell those editors they have a six o'clock appointment, and that the writer is busy until then."

Students leave my classes feeling excited about the opportunities good writing affords them.


Have you noticed that a great deal of the writing produced by workers in this country fails to meet readers' needs?

We underestimate the power of language, and our opportunity to use language in ways that help others. We have the opportunity to craft information so people can look at an electronic page, a document, a paragraph, or even a sentence, and find what they want.

People need to be able to use information.

My work as a teacher is to help people:

  • See structure in information;
  • Understand why this structure matters; and
  • Craft products that "work."

As a teacher, I help students discover the possibilities in language, expression, and narrative. I help them take ideas and make them real. It's fun.

If you are passionate about your own possibilities, I'd love to work with you and your organization. Drop me a note.

Thom provides training via Info.Design, Inc.

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A Teaching Story

"I have this sign," an adult student shared with me. She hauled out a flyer announcing a $300,000 award given annually to a writer who can uplift and inspire Black women. "I keep it on my mirror, and I look at it everyday saying, 'THIS is where I want to be.'"

"I wrote your midterm tonight," she said, "thinking about that and about what I wanted to happen, and how I've been stopped by fear. But at the end of the midterm...." She looked me right in the eye. "After writing my midterm--my story about my writing -- I wasn't feeling the fear anymore. It's what I needed. Now I'm ready to write."

Overcoming fear, finding your voice, enabling others. I bring my passion for possibilities into my work as a teacher. I'm happy to say, "I am a teacher."

Some Perspectives on Teaching

My gift, as a teacher, is being able to dance with my students, to create a context in which we all share and learn. My goal as a teacher is to remain present, and to deepen others' capacities for learning. My strategy is to align myself with my vision: enabling possibilities for learners and for the world we affect.

If you are passionate about your own possibilities, I'd love to work with you or your organization. Drop me a note.

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