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Putting Possibility Thinking into Action

As developers of “communication products” in the workplace, we share a capacity for bringing vision to life. Where does our vision come from? Perhaps we associate vision with mission statements that have no power and make us snore. Vision, however, gives us more. Vision gives us structure, and this structure gives us a framework for possibility.

So what? Where does possibility start? How can we infuse possibility into the downward spiral of deliverable-focused product development that often leaves us grumpy? In a story-filled, humor-laced presentation, Thom Haller will walk us through personal vignettes, thinking questions, and opportunities for chatting with colleagues. We’ll explore how our vision can be solidified (perhaps rekindled) by creating relationships of mutuality, reciprocity, and respect. We’ll explore how in the face of difficulties we can choose possibility. We’ll leave the session with specific ideas for putting possibility thinking into action.

“Never Consider Yourself a Failure, You Can Always Serve as a Bad Example”

Thom attributes this lesson to a fortune cookie, but has found it useful advice for us all. In this presentation, he explores different definitions of failure and presents three hysterical case studies where (as he states) “the results were not as grand as I would have preferred.” What happened? We’ll see how people, politics, perceptions, time, and budgets conspired in fascinating ways leaving users with products that could have served them better. We’ll learn how our own mental models can hold us back. Participants will get a chuckle or two and learn some strategies for avoiding similar fates.

Information Overload: A Love Story

This keynote gives us a chance to assess labels we use to define ourselves and our jobs limit our potential. To take us into the story, Thom tells personal stories, illustrated with images of popular culture. He uses familiar props such as Play-Doh and hula hoops to dramatize how he discovered the value of possibility thinking. Sure, 60% of us have worked in a cubicle and 93% would like to see an “improved working environment” but we can make our separate peace with “cubicle hell,” and find passion for our work and the results we create.

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