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I am a speaker – someone passionate about clarity and action. I’m also a storyteller, a narrator who has learned much of what I know from Appalachian ancestors, vaudeville performers, and game show hosts.

When you sign me on as a speaker, you get an authentic presence—someone who is ready to share and exchange experiences. I bring this focused cacophony into my keynotes, interactive lectures, and presentation pieces.


As a keynote speaker, I engage and energize participants. You would expect that from any speaker, but I offer a bit more.

I know what it’s like to get lost in information, and to be bored by keynotes. So I fashion presentations to bring value to audience members and event sponsors.

My work is based on enrolling others in “possibility thinking.” My topics (such as “Never Consider Yourself a Failure, You Can Always Serve as a Bad Example”) come from a real interest in listening, directing, guiding, nurturing, and supporting, rather than a “let me preach at you” perspective.

Interactive Lectures

If you’ve attended one of my interactive presentations, you have probably moved around in your seat, talked out loud, mingled with others, made a bit of noise, and learned a lot. I incorporate visual humor, movement, story, and shtick. It’s fun that you will value.

Presentation Pieces

As I explored lifework and began working for myself, I discovered I had a story to tell, and I learned how narrative propels ideas. With the belief that I could use my own story to help others envision information challenges, I embarked on a five-year sojourn to help the story emerge.

A Speaking Story

My first presentation piece, “Information Overload: A Love Story,” developed out of my search for meaningful job labels. I always associated work with nouns (Such as “you are a doctor” “you are a plumber.” My thinking grew out of my context—small town upbringing (southern north central West Virginia… up the road from Flatwoods, down a piece from Jane Lew).

In “Information Overload,” I explore what it was like for me to combat “noun-thinking,” to find value in work beyond occupational labels, and to “verbify” my life. As I enact my story (including Play-Doh™ and hula hoops), the audience discovers their own possibilities for expanded thinking.

Contact me to discuss ways to bring the story into your organization.

Some Perspectives on Speaking

My gift as a speaker is enjoying what I do—telling the same jokes again and again, experiencing curiosity (as I tell the story) about what happens next, and feeling continually delighted at finding out what happens at the story’s end.

Yes, I do like to laugh at my own jokes. You’ll laugh too.

My tales typically take you on journeys through my brain as I try to understand, and act on, information. You’ll see me trying to make sense of patterns and structural relationships. You’ll start thinking about how you process information. And—more often than not—you’ll reshape your thinking and open your eyes to more possibilities.

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