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Enabling (Enrolling and Empowering)

As participants in an information-rich world, we often feel inundated by data, but--as Richard Saul Wurman pointed out--we are "...starved for the tools and patterns that give us meaning."

My work focuses on improving the "performance" of individuals and organizations. As a facilitator and organizational coach, I enable people to think differently and act in ways that support others. I ask, "How can we build products that enable people to find and use information, so they conduct their work more effectively and appreciate the experience?"

I enroll people and organizations in user focused thinking. I offer people the tools and language so they feel more empowered. I ask, "How can we enroll content developers in the possibilities inherent in user-focused thinking?"

As a teacher and facilitator, I offer people tools and language to argue authoritatively in support of the user. I ask, "How can I empower people to use the research of user-focused design and overcome the contextual hurdles that thwart the development of user-focused products?"

By learning user-focused frameworks for writing and presenting information, we hold the opportunity to truly connect with others. These connections serve as the cornerstone of my work.

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”Thanks Thom. I needed the reminder that I can and should fight for a user-focused structure. I also now have some resources to fall back on to support my arguments.“

Perspectives on Enabling and Enrolling

I am someone who gets lost in information. I hungered for a vocabulary to articulate the frustration and challenges associated with getting my job done. I continue to feel frustration when developers and writers fail to think about their audiences.

But from this potential pit of disillusionment arises my belief in possibility. What if things could be better? What if we were to craft products others would appreciate? As a teacher, speaker, and writer, I have enormous opportunity to create possibility in every conversation.

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