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Thom (photo) teaches a strategy for focusing content Thom is a passionate believer in clear communication. He’s a teacher who knows
what it’s like to get lost in information (it sucks) and harbors the belligerence to ask,
“how can we structure information with the user in mind?” And “why should we care?”
Thom supports organizations with classes on structuring information so people can
find it, use it, and appreciate the experience.
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Meet Thom:

Find out who Thom is and how he creates results.

Read Thom’s Story (PDF)
Thom’s tale of leaving the mauve cubicle and stepping into the unknown.

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Upcoming Class:

Take "Life-stories Workshop" at Info.Design Studio
Meet interesting people, share fascinating stories, improve structure and vividness in your writing.  10-week workshops are offered several times a year. Find out when the next class starts.

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Visit Info.Design, Inc.
Thom’s consultancy provides the business structure for supporting clients -- teaming Thom and others to meet organizational needs.

Explore successful process for web redesign Discover a framework for structuring web content with the user in mind. See results in from class/volunteer effort to reshape Federal plain language redesign.

Download tools and teaching materials
Thom’s list of materials related to his classes on information structure.

Read about performance-focused information architecture
Information Architecture is more than using Visio -- find out why.

Learn about “Information Overload” Thom’s Performance Piece about thinking differently about our work.

Focusing Content: Consider - audience, context and purpose

Are you passionate about clarity in communication?

Thom serves as Executive Director for the Center for Plain Language. In this volunteer capacity he enrolls others in a mission to increase the usefulness and efficiency of government, legal, and business documents. Become involved.

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